Change… the only constant

It did take 2 years, but it has happened. Disha and I were the inseparable two. Now I spend 11 hours away from home and my daughter. The transition is on going- bitter sweet experience. And its for everybody- Disha, Karthik, my in-laws and me.

Disha now gets so much time with her grand parents. They tell her the different colors, talk to her about alphabets, numbers and so on. Something we have refrained from doing as her parents. Does it matter? Disha enjoys her time with them. She does miss me, as  the day wears on.  But I end up thinking or worrying about her so much more.

Being apart is tough. On the other hand, it opens up so many opportunities for both of us.  Getting back together, now feels special. Our evening time together has a new meaning now.


No Bounds

Religion has no bounds for Disha. She is a devout visitor of temples. She prays with her hands folded and with so much passion. She is so excited when lamps are lit. She wakes up from sleep and wants to see the idols in our god’s room. Its quite amazing considering the little exposure she has had to God, through the visits from her grandparents. And so unlike her parents. 

When she was around 18 months, she saw a bill board with Jesus and Mary. She immediately folded her hands and closed her eyes in prayer. Until then I do not think she has had anyone mention Christianity or the respective gods to her.

We recently moved houses and now we are close to a mosque. Every day, five times a day, when muslims have their prayers, Disha is praying too. She whispers softly, words which we still are trying to figure out. Hands folded. 

No bounds, and so free.