Disha shot Amma

Today morning as she was sitting in a bucket of water after her bath, Disha was narrating a story to her imaginary friends. I usually leave her talking to these friends and do something else. Today, I happened to be in the bathroom cleaning it. And heard the story, which I have tried to reproduce below. The story was told in Kannada and Tamil, Amma parts were in Kannada and Appa parts where in Tamil, which I have translated into English.

Disha shot Amma with a water gun. Amma was injured and was rushed to the hospital.

Appa came running to the hospital and was distressed to see injured Amma. He cried- “Amma, amma, are you all right?”

Amma woke up and asked Appa, “Where is Disha?”.

Appa was worried about Disha too as she was taken to the jail. So he went to the jail and opened it. Disha came out and hugged him.

Both of them then went to the hospital to see that Amma was ok. Disha hugged Amma and all of us were happy.


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