So she WILL join 1st standard?

That’s one of the standard question I get when I tell people that we are homeschooling.

A passerby will typically smile at Disha, ask her name and/or pinch her cheeks. Then they smile at me and ask-”Which school?”. When I reply we are homeschooling, they look so confused (much to my amusement). When they ask for her age and I tell them 3 yrs, they look so relieved and ask me if she will join next year or if she will “directly” join 1st standard. For which I smile and say, I don’t know just yet. Another puzzled expression follows.
Today a teacher I met proceeded to ask how she is “picking up” and studying. To which I explained, children best learn by playing and that is what Disha does mostly. Sometimes I play along with her. At this point she had heard enough. Her eyes reflected how crazy she thinks I am, before she went on her way and we on ours.