Theatre of our lives

The last three weeks have turned our lives inside out, literally! We had five friends stay over with us who have be become really dear to all of us. Four of them are from Space Ensemble, a theater and art group from Goa. The fifth is a friend’s sister who has come to Bangalore for interning in a law firm.

So our house has been crowded, but in such a good way. Music playing all the time, someone humming a tune or strumming a guitar or playing drum or mouth organ. Or practicing singing voices or animal sounds.

It has helped Karthik and me open up, get more imaginative, get in touch with being willfully dramatic. It has meant long, meaningful conversations about anything and everything, we dreamed up and chatted away. And those cooking sessions were fun too. Sharing recipes, tips on sustainable living and minimalistic approach to life. They helped babysit Disha quite a few times and I ended up attending meetings without having to take her along (I did miss having her around though).

I am truly grateful that our paths cross with such amazing people, who are living largely unconventional lives, away from the hum-drum of the mainstream life of ‘study-do well-get a job’.

Disha has grown fond of all of them. During their many rehearsals, she was quite keenly and patiently watching them along with Karthik and me.  After that, she has been spending some time imitating their clown act. She enjoys doing it over and over again. Off late she has been into dancing and now after being exposed to drama has taken a penchant for it too.

Two days ago, we all went to an ice cream parlor for a send off treat. Somehow, we all got into an impromptu performance right in the parlor, with all the other customers staring and quite keenly listening in. And on the way back home, as we walked and ran, we sang loudly, spooked each other and passer-bys, played games, danced and made animal noises.

All this made me realize how good it feels to break away from our uptight -upright lives which we lead mostly in a certain, serious manner. Where we hardly express or exaggerate emotions, living only in our “comfort zones” or “bubbles”, hesitating to dance or sing, feeling judged every minute.

So, get out there, shout, dance (out of sync) and sing (even out of tune) because it does feel so good.


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