Learning Tamil

I was exposed to a lot of tamil during my college days. I probably followed it, but didn’t think too much about it. I learnt to speak tamil after my wedding (with a tamilian). Mainly by talking to my mother-in-law over the phone. Over the years, the more tamil I was exposed to, the more I began to follow- I started following some lyrics in songs. I started following some of the news read on TV. Then, I started looking at words in tamil and started asking anyone around me what those words said. And now I can very slowly read and write some words and small sentences in tamil. I practice writing down names of everyone and everything. I did not learn this language the conventional way- by learning the letters first, then the matras etc. I just started reading words and then proceeded to sentences. I go around reading everything around me written in tamil when I am in Chennai (driving everyone around me crazy). But its such fun, I am enjoying it. Its giving me immense satisfaction and a sense of power to know another language. This joy of spontaneous learning is what we want Disha to experience. One of the reasons why we homeschool.


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