Monsoon Child

Water. One of Disha’s favorite medium of fun. 

We attended Learning Societies un-Conference last month in a college near Pune. It rained for four of the five days of the meet. Karthik and I would be involved in a session, only to suddenly realize that Disha is not anywhere in the room. Outside, soaking up the rain, splashing water at others or  jumping in the puddles, we would find a delighted Disha laughing loudly.

Rain from the terrace would drain off roof tops to create waterfalls for Disha to stand under and feel the force of water. After a few times, she decided to hold the umbrella and then stand. Every time we passed by the waterfall spot which was close to the canteen, she would splash water on us.

There was an empty fountain-pond which got filled up with water. We started off by floating paper boats and ended up fully wet in the pond. And it was raining. What more could one ask for?


Disha walking with her friends and sharing an umbrella.


Disha ended up with a runny nose and cough. And I had a tough time trying to dry all her wet clothes, so much so that I had to ask her not to get wet. Passer-bys smiled and an older gentleman said how nice it was to see children play in the rain without being stopped by elders.

It reminded me of all those days as a child when my sister and I would run up to terrace of our house to get wet in the first rains of the season. Of the time we played holi in the rain (wouldn’t you say- such optimum use of water?) with friends and cousins. 

There was a feeling of excitement, of happiness. The earth looked so fresh and green. The muddy smell in the air was heavenly. 



One thought on “Monsoon Child

  1. Wow! What wonderful fun … sorry we missed it.

    You said “Passer-bys smiled and an older gentleman said how nice it was to see children play in the rain without being stopped by elders.”

    When I read this I remembered that I had a similar experience some time ago. An elderly neighbour stopped to talk to me not while we were playing in the the puddles but some other time to tell me that she had seen us earlier and was happy that I had not intervened when K was splashing in the puddles. It was touching to hear that the scene had stayed with her and to share her happiness remembering it.

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