Pretend play, sometimes independent, other times interdependent

Previously, when Disha wanted something, she wanted it to physically be there, present for her to sense. Like if she wanted an apple, it had to be there. If she had to go to the beach, she had to really go. If she wanted to go to Chennai to meet her grandparents, she really had to go. Our imaginations had to be really stretched, to convince her that somethings were just not possible at that time.

Over the past month or so, gradually, she has started playing more on her own. For small amounts of time, she is occupied in her own world, oblivious to everything else that doesn’t belong in it. Then when she realizes that we are there, she then wants to do something with us or wants us to join her.

When we join her, we are a part of her fantasy world, our fantasy world, sometimes its hard to tell whose world. We are on a train to Chennai after booking our tickets, or we are building a pillow house for Disha and her dolls. Or we at office or school, playing football or meditating. And at times when we cannot do somethings, like go to the park after dark, all we need to do is pretend that the park is right there, where ever we are. She is cooking and feeding us all, at times. At other times, she is performing a very elaborate puja, offering us vermillion and sacred water.

She takes the lead most of the times and we just follow along, maybe adding a couple of things here and there. There are other times, when she wants us to take the lead and we do.

Mind you, this is very serious business. If some one laughs with delight or thinks what she is doing is just cute, she gets very upset.

It is very meaningful for her to pretend play. I think it is a wonderful way to deal with life’s realities and learn.


2 thoughts on “Pretend play, sometimes independent, other times interdependent

  1. What a delightful glimpse into the made-up worlds filled with Disha’s stories. Do write more!

    Pretending is one of the most fascinating things we can do – it doesn’t really come naturally to me but I am getting the hang of it, thanks to Khiyali. When I can really let go and be in the world of whatever we are pretending, we have the most wonderful conversations.

    • We actually don’t pretend that much. If you think we do, you must have a very low-scale idea of pretend stuff.
      P.S. I can understand why Disha gets upset if you think it’s cute. I’m like that too.

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