Terrace – a place for unbeatable fun

We are in Chennai now, Disha and I, for the past 10 days. The days are sticky hot and nights get no better. Despite the heat, there are so many opportunities for pure fun. And the terrace is one of the best places!

Evenings carry cool sea breeze, blowing through the trees and is a respite. What better place to play foot ball. Disha runs the length of the terrace kicking the ball and laughs with glee when it bouncing back from one of the side walls.

There are butterflies and flowers. For Disha it means chasing the butterflies and plucking all the flowers from the pots and creepers.

We go up during mid mornings to hang the clothes for drying. The sun is beating down, but Disha is there with a mug of clips in her hand. She hands me one  dress at a time along with a clip so that I can hang them on the clothes lines.

Then there are the crows. Jet black and hopping effortlessly on the roof tops, they are on the look out for some food and twigs for their nests. We have been placing some cooked rice at different places. Some are bold and come immediately to peck at the rice and others take their time. We hide and watch the less bolder ones eat. Disha has now started insisting that she will have all her meals on the terrace, sharing and  watching the crows.

Last week,  water was overflowing from the overhead tank on the terrace. We went up to drain some water from the tap and water the plants. There were tiny waterfalls all around the tank and Disha seized the moment to run and stand under them and splash around in the water lying on the terrace floor. Seeing her do this, I got a bucket and a mug, caught some of the water and then after Disha was done playing, gave her a bath on the terrace.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves getting wet.

Really, grandparents’ old houses have tons of charm!


3 thoughts on “Terrace – a place for unbeatable fun

  1. Ah, washing and drying clothes is great fun, esp in the summer when we crave every opportunity to get wet.
    And bath on the terrace was one of our favourite times too …

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