Of butterflies and bubbles

Last few days have been a little tough for Disha and me.

February was a month of travel and Disha took it very well. There were so many changes in her, which we like to think of as positive ones. So I thought it was time for another experiment. We came to Ghaziabad to stay with my mom’s sister for a month.  This time without Karthik or Aditi (my sister). Just the two of us.

She was unbelievably home-sick. So much that even I started feeling the same. Such intense feeling of longing! It tugged my heart every time she asked for appa and maushi (aunt). I was regretting our trip right from the beginning- maybe it s a good idea to have some familiarity. And not a good idea to separate appa from paapa so soon!

Day 4 of our stay here, she is slowly getting back to being her usual cheerful self.  Interspersed with bursts of  “appa and paapa manee” (means- father and baby’s home). Today after our mid-morning-noon nap, she had her ragi (millet) porridge for lunch while running behind butterflies. Just outside my aunt’s home is a huge park with pretty flowers lining its boundaries. And we spotted two pale green-yellow ones fluttering away.  Sitting on one flower at a time, long enough to drink in its nectar. Disha was so pleased to see these winged friends of her’s. She could not stop talking long after we lost sight of them.

Evening was even more fun, blowing soap bubbles all over the dining room. She spent more than a hour with my cousins blowing the bubbles and running, dancing around, bursting a few, watching others blow up. Such simple pleasures.

She even had dinner after a 3 day dinner strike! Phew.

Hope she stays this way and does not miss home too much.


One thought on “Of butterflies and bubbles

  1. Appa without paapa – been equally though. Tough to keep away the emptiness even after keeping oneself busy all the time.

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