Dhan Choo

Last evening Disha slept at 6:30- she was very irritable and tired. Infact the whole day she did not eat much, wanted me to be with her all the time. She was very upset when first her chittapa (uncle), ajji (grand aunt) and then our friends Tatha and Tej said their goodbyes to her. She does not like goodbyes. Her expressions seemed to say- why do they come and always have to leave without me? All this contributed to her sleeping off early.

I was prepared for a mid-night wake up call from Disha, saying that she was hungry. And there it was- at about 2:45 am, she got off our bed and announced that she had to use the bathroom. After which she was very happy to play for next 1.5 hrs. Finally, she relented to being led back into our bed and was nursing back to sleep. All of a sudden she said- “amma, dhan choo” ( amma, thank you) and went back to nursing.

We have never taught her “to say” thank you. When someone gives her something, we express our collective gratitude. We do not ask her to say anything since we believe that she will learn by example. Asking her to say something she does not want to say, but is saying because she was asked to, we believe will not help her learn.

So at night when she said those words, a warm glow spread over me. I felt that getting up in the middle of the night to stay up with my daughter was nothing, compared to those words she spoke.

Now, all morning, when she asked for something and I gave it, she said- dhan choo quite promptly. My face never failed to light up.


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