My body, a canvas

Disha definitely thinks that her body is a canvas. In fact she thinks everyone is one too. Mere paper does not suffice. She loves it  when one of us draws stars on her hands or legs with a ball point pen. Then she takes over to do her art.

Yesterday she was eating poster colors, much to my alarm. I kept telling her that its not good to eat it, could be poisonous. Today somehow she changed her mind and painted on two sheets of paper. As usual, that did not satisfy her. She then started off painting on her legs, slowly moving up to her hands, then tummy and finally her neck. After she was through, she came to me looking for spaces to paint on.

At this point I very smartly (he, he!) suggested, she had had enough of painting. To my surprise, she agreed and we cleared up the mess really quickly and then ran into the bathroom.

She is all clean of her art now and is sitting next to me munching an apple. I had to write this right away!


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