Disha’s Latest

1. Taking off my spectacles to wipe the glasses on her shirt.

2. Telling me which clothes belong to whom when we are hanging them together on the clothes line.

3. Asking for her cold medicine even if I forget to give it to her.

4. Massaging hair oil on her head.

5. Feeding stray dogs from our balcony

6. Feeding me all the food on her plate especially once she is done with it.

7. Applying everything edible on her hair.

8. Taking a Diwali clay lamp and pretending to apply vermillion on everyone’s head.

9. Crawling from the hall to kitchen and back, expecting me to do it too with her.

10.  Sitting with her legs up on the petrol tank on Karthik’s motorbike, looking very comfortable.

11. Tiptoeing and throwing all used dishes into the kitchen sink with flourish.

12. Pointing out to the stars every night.

13. Wishing everybody a good night with a salute.

14. Sitting on her wooden horse and going peep-peep.

15. Picking up small pieces of dirt on the floor.


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