what travel does to a kid

We have been traveling over weekends for the last 4 of them. Quite hectic, but so much fun! Disha gets to meet so many different people every weekend, that it has transformed her fear of new people and she has become more accepting and friendly. She has learnt many more words and songs. New sights, smells,  people, tongues and food.

She wants to say hello to every child she meets but doesn’t like it if the other kid is bolder or friendlier than her.

She loves traveling by trains. Our travel to Bombay and back was 24 hrs in train each way. She made friends with other kids and had a great time climbing up and down the upper berth. Other times she was running along the compartment, dancing or sleeping.

This was the first time she felt bad when she left a place and she was missing our friends for quite a while after that. Even after 10 days she keeps asking for them every once in a while and wants to see their pictures.

Now that we are back, she insists on visiting our neighbors everyday and spends most of her day in their homes. Its again a first, she doesn’t need me to be around. She’s perfectly happy playing with the other children- who are either a few months older or younger than her. Right now they don’t have too many fights and are occupied with playing with dolls or dancing to music. Today she and her friend Ashu painted using lady’s finger stubs.

Now we are getting ready for our next excursion. Delhi- here we come!


3 thoughts on “what travel does to a kid

  1. Every time she came back from a trip she became so much more chattier than before. So many new words. But I never noticed the increased boldness and friendliness towards others, kids and adults even when it was staring right at me 😀

    Mamas, maamis and paapas are now everywhere, waiting to be discovered and befriended!

  2. What makes me so happy is the sad feeling that Disha started to develop missing someone or some place. I feel it is a foundation level where concern starts to build. Cheers for Disha indeed!

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