Two, another two and now there is a three

Disha used her index finger to indicate that she wanted more of something before her tatha (grandpa) taught her the number two. She is so fond of two now, that everything she notices somehow becomes two aani (elephant), two brushee, two mummum (food).

She noticed an octopus in one of her books and counted its limbs as 2, 2, 2, 2 and finally pronounced that it had 2 legs or taal (as she says it). 

Exactly, three days back, she picked up 3. From where she got it, we don’t really know. Now her counting goes 2, 3, 2. As a dear friend observed, Disha’s counting system is a way of saying “one more” or “another”. So the words two or three for Disha is a means of saying just that and probably does not mean counting the number of things as we know it.



6 thoughts on “Two, another two and now there is a three

  1. I love this story!

    Concepts of “another” “one more” and “once more” seem to work like magic spells for children. Even if I don’t know the names of everything, I can still ask for something using these powerful words. My parents say that I repeatedly used the word “మళ్ళి” (again) when I was small. Another small friend of ours in Boston, got a gleam in her eye when saying the word “another.” We can still hear the lilt in her voice as she would gently appeal, “Can I have another one?” and when she wanted yet another one, she would say, “Can I have another another one?”

    In other words, 3.

  2. This is fun! my li’l one loves to count 1 to 10 (recently going on to 14-15) with and her tempo increasing with the higher numbers, which makes for very amusing and musical counting… On the words front “more” or “again” are probably her second favorite words (after “duddu”/ milk I guess). The other night it was really hilarious.. She nurses at night…. most times she gets up suddenly with a wail saying “mamma duddu” or “I want mumma duddu” or something like that. This particular night, it was probably the second or the third time she got up like that.. similarly wailing, eyes closed.. but this time, for a change, out came a whole sentence: “I want mumma duddu, again!”.. Exhausting as it was, I couldn’t help laughing out loud for her having stolen my line ..:)

    P.S. I love your idea of recording parenting experiences here. It’s so fun!

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