Why can’t I do what They do?

We are making a serious effort to be outdoors and play games, enjoy the fresh air and not slump at home browsing on the computer. Last Saturday, we went to a playground near our house in the afternoon. Disha was delighted of course, so were we, she could run about without a care in the world.

Karthik and I started playing badminton while Disha ran about and played in the mud. She has seen us play badminton a few times before, when she insisted on being carried by one of us, while we play. This time was a little different- she wanted to actively play- and play just like us.

She put the shuttle cock on the bat and waited for a few seconds, to see if it would take off on its own, soar high into the sky. When nothing happened, she got so angry. She threw the bat on the ground and ran away crying in frustration. After a few minutes of pacifying, she went back to playing by herself. This sequence repeated a couple times more, when we decided to stop playing by ourselves and  all of us kicked the football instead.

Disha is so eager to do and try everything which we easily do, mostly without any effort or even thinking. But there are times when she is unable to figure it out. Thats when she gets upset, but what we do see is after a while, she is back and wants to try it out again. As her parents, we hope that we do not discourage her ability to keep trying, even if she is failing.


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