Get out, get moving

This seems to be Disha’s motto now. There used to be a time, when Karthik and I could attend day long meetings, talks, conferences with Disha. We could keep her busy inside the halls and take her out from time to time.

Over the last few meetings, things have changed. She refuses, quite categorically, to stay indoors especially when we are not at home. Its a fight to get her to sit in a place even for half an hour without moving around. In her world, she wants to constantly explore and that is accomplished only when she can get the freedom to move.

Its a little wonder that children hate being taken to movies. Forget the loud sounds and the flashing lights, its I think, unfathomable in their minds that adults can sit in one place for so long, seemingly doing nothing.

The transformation from a state of near constant motion (expect for when they are asleep) to sitting at a place for long hours, no doubt occurs in schools. Its must be quite bewildering to small children, to be suddenly put in a room full of strange people and expected not to move for a few hours at the time. We successfully manage to beat out the exploring nature of their hands and feet in addition to their nurturing minds, all in the name of education.

As parents we need to respect their need to explore their new world. It is important for them to develop their self confidence and learn new things. For us, it means giving up on going to some intellectually simulating talks and meeting interesting people. Oh well! that can be done in some Disha- friendly settings too!


2 thoughts on “Get out, get moving

  1. Wonderful post!! Kids crying in movies, being bribed with chocolates and similar junk food or simply a bottle of milk stuffed into their mouths for a while in a desperate attempt to quiten down wailing restless toddlers.

    By the time we become adults, especially the middle-class kind where all professions encourage sitting and sitting only, it becomes second nature to sit whenever and wherever we can. It does take an effort for me to come back home and start running around Disha, with the prefered choice being to flop on the couch and put my feet up, despite spending most of my time at work sitting.

    But then we can learn from them, and hopefully we will.

  2. Such a fundamental truth about chidren – this need for movement – and you see it being disregarded in so many places, school being the most shocking since it is explicitly a place FOR children. One other place where parents make the mistake of taking their children and expecting them to co-operate are restaurants! Just acknowleding this simple need for movement on children’s part can smooth over so much tension and conflict between parent and child. What is amazing you you are wise enough to realize this early on with your very first child!

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