Is it supposed to feel this way

Young humans change fast, almost everyday. Its quite a feat too!

Disha used to sign and signal to let us know what she needed or what she wanted to tell us. Now all of a sudden, in a span of 2 weeks, she is using all these words. Ball, Balloon, Button, Bhajji, Paal (milk in Tamil), Haal(milk in Kannada), Dudu (breastmilk), Nose, Mouth, eyes, ears, Hello, Hi, Approm (later in Tamil), bus, auto, stop, no, ya and so many more. At least two new words are added to her vocabulary everyday. Then, she exclaims, ever so often- uhoh! Her songs have changed too. They have different lyrics and their tunes vary too.

Am I supposed to feel excited? On the contrary, I feel sad- the phase of signing is passing away very quickly. Disha is feeling so much more grown up that I miss her baby-self.


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