Potty time games

Potty time is game time. Disha likes to sit on her relatively new potty seat and play follow the leader. Mind you, she is always the leader. So she first folds her arms across. Then touches her fingers to her shoulders. Shakes her shoulders. Puts her hands on her thighs. A new addition two days ago is peek-a-boo. She wants me to stand outside the bathroom and hide behind the door.

And she loves making grunting sounds :). We practiced Elimination Communication (EC) after she was born and I used to cue her to potty. She has caught on to it and does it every time, without fail.

The really cool thing about EC is that it encourages good hygiene practices. Parents need not spend loads on diapers, especially the disposable ones. They are in tune with their babies needs- not just of hunger but also of elimination. Typically, when the babies reach toddlerhood, they are able to indicate when they need to go to the bathroom. Well, this is not something new to us. We have been doing it for centuries. I hope we can continue for centuries to come.

Disha likes the games so much that she sometimes refuses to get off the toilet! After much reasoning and a promise to give her, her toothbrush will she agree to get up.


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