To climb or not to climb

Yesterday Disha and me rode the bus all over town. We had errands to run and luckily we got buses very conveniently and they were empty. After everything was done, we went to Karthik’s office so that we could get a ride back home.

Disha is delighted when there are huge spaces to run around freely. She entered the office campus and began to run at top speed, oblivious to everyone around, towards a set of stairs. She climbed the first one really fast, almost without thinking about it. Then paused. She was not sure of climbing the second one. So she turned back to see if she could get off the first stair. Not sure about that too. She did this a couple of times, trying to decide which is better- to climb further or get off. She then looked around to spot me and indicated that she needed help.

When I held her hand, she climbed up the remaining stairs, to let go and to continue her wild run across the campus.


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