To Ajja’s home, wide roads and trees with flowers

Ajja in Kannada means grandfather. Disha and I went to my father’s recently shifted home  on Friday. Its a far cry from the house we grew up by the side of the noisy, dusty highway.

The quiet surroundings, the wide roads were a constant delight to Disha and me. She wanted to be outside the entire day and I did not mind accompanying her. Next time we go there, we should take a ball along to play in the ground nearby.

On Saturday morning, we were up quite early and went for a nice long walk. Disha was running along the empty roads with abandon and we could enjoy without worrying about fast moving traffic. We stopped to talk to a 2 yr old and her mother, who were also on a morning walk.

Trees lined along the roads with their branches spread to cover the expanse of the road. There was a particularly big Nile Tulip Tree with yellow flowers strewn on the road. Disha immediately went to work. She picked up the flowers, looked at them, plucked out the petals, pulled out the pods. That kept her occupied while Karthik and I were free to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Karthik actually noticed a flat in an apartment close by which had a sink next to the entrance! Looks like the people in that house wanted everyone entering to wash their hands. And brush their teeth too, for good measure :-).

We walked back home after Disha’s play to steaming hot chappatis with GM-free Baingan Bharta, thank you Ajja.


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