Martin Farm

We went to Martin farm, an animal farm on Saturday afternoon. The ride was mostly pleasant especially once we got out of Bangalore and rode through the hamlets. But, there was a constant disturbing sight of real estate companies advertising their “ultra-luxury-to-be” villa plots on what used to be farm land (in all probability). That’s the case in most of the villages surrounding Bangalore, which haven’t yet been gobbled up by the ever-haphazardly-growing city.

The farm was nestled by a small lane and what struck out was the peaceful surroundings. The greenery was a balm for our computer-sore-eyes. Definitely a place to go back to, next time with family or friends.

Disha fed beans to donkeys, a horse and goats. She saw hens and roosters eat their grain. She fell in love with a goat’s kid and ruffled a donkey’s hairy head. She ran behind the older kids and insisted on doing what they did. She walked on a rope bridge with Karthik’s help. Then there were the slide and the see saw. She watched a family play basket ball and kicked around some of the balls.

Karthik was mentioning how Disha spends sometime observing what various people are doing before trying something new herself. She is tentative at first, not sure if she should try it, but then once she discovers that it is fun to do something new, she mostly doesn’t want to stop.

We were there for an hour and started our 15 km ride back home. We stopped at a bakery in Varthur as Disha was hungry after an eventful, high energy session. Karthik took some interesting pictures of pepsi bottles (of all the things!!!) arranged in glass case.

We were exhausted after all the riding and were happy to be back home.


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