Chattering and ambling

It was one of the hottest days of summer, in the 1st week of May. And its unbearable in Chennai when you don’t have electricity for a night and most of the next day.

We went to Mahesh mama’s house to get some relief, but somehow our bad luck came there too. We were all trying to nap on the cool floor, but Disha had other plans.

She had taken a few tentative steps previously and would walk with support, but the heat apparently inspired her to run around the spacious hall, constantly babbling the entire time. She had something to tell to all the sleepy adults, who had to wake up enough to respond.

Its a memorable day, despite the sweltering heat Disha was walking, quite confidently on her own. And communicating in words.


One thought on “Chattering and ambling

  1. memorable day indeed… adults extremely tired and crashed in the heat… sleeping beyond the lack of air circulation… but Disha being the ‘Energizer’ bunny! 1st time walking is a special moment i’ll cherish! 🙂

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